My Guitar Will Always Be My Friend


I hear stories all the time about Guitars ending up in the closet or under the bed. Simple reasons like, “I don’t have any talent”, I don’t have the time, my fingers get sore, it has a broken string or I don’t know how to tune it.

The out of sight out of mind principle becomes the deciding factor as a lonely 6-string sits quietly collecting dust.

If it were a piano you couldn’t put it in the closet. You would be reminded every time you walk past it what motivated you to make the effort in the first place. It might even make you reconsider and try again.

For decades my Guitar has never been in a closet. I don’t even keep it in the case unless I am taking it somewhere. It’s always in its’ guitar stand ready to be played. It has become my friend and we have been through thick and thin. It accommodates any mood or situation and has always been part of the solution.

Music is therapeutic. My Guitar never disagrees and always responds...

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My First Chord On The Guitar!


When I was a kid, about 4th grade, I picked up my father’s old Gibson and placed 1 finger on the first fret of the 2nd string, strummed the top 3 strings together and played my first chord. No one showed me what to do it was just curiosity. I took the initiative and owned the experience.

That one moment in time stands out as my first step. For an instant, mind, body, spirit and guitar were one. My whole being resonated and I WAS that chord. It was my beginning.

I put the guitar down and went on with my day. I didn’t know it then but the constant pull in the direction of music from that point on led back to the “feeling” of that first 3 note chord.

When I teach or answer a question about music I recall that feeling and how important it is to me I think to myself “this could evoke their curiosity, this could be their “beginning”. It’s a responsibility I take very seriously.

I have come to realize the experience is not limited to...

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Music Then And Now - What’s Changed?


It’s a world of artificial intelligence, cars with no drivers and audio/video special effects that can do the impossible. Music has become a venue for mathematical combinations outside the limitations of what is humanly possible.

I play one note on my guitar. A computer can multiply it, harmonize it, arpeggiate it, play it backwards or make random combinations by clicking a button or two. Add social media, go viral and millions of listeners are mesmerized by this digital pied piper.

All accomplished with two fingers, one to play the note and one to select the appropriate button for the desired affect.

A new art form has evolved from the human mind’s ability to delegate. Just like any other function that requires time and effort an outlet for creative expression has been assigned to computers, and we have only scratched the surface. The more powerful computers become the deeper music creators can reach into infinity. The process of songwriting in todays’ world...

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You Get Out Of Music What You Put Into It


You scroll through hundreds of Guitar instruction videos in an effort to improve your Guitar playing spending hours going from one example to another finding the same information being explained from different points of view.

Many claim to have The Secret and is accompanied by an easy system of some kind to accommodate the promise. Some are true and some are absolutely incorrect. There are no Police to validate the accuracy of Guitar instruction claims.

If you are new to learning about music or how to play the Guitar you have no way of knowing which system is right for you or if you are being misinformed by someone.

Learning is not one-dimensional. There are different kinds of students. Goals will vary from person to person. The only constant through all of this is the actual information.

Notes in a scale are the same for everyone. In any music, Country, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Funk the notes in a G chord are identical. Learn the fundamentals, practice and get better at...

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