Lee Demers Practicing to improve skillset

You’re not going to pick up a Guitar the first time and become an instant “Guitar God”. Don’t base your progress on short cuts, secrets and bad habits. Learn it the right way and you only have to learn it once!

Image of Lee Demers, writing music with paper and pencil, playing his guitar.

We are Songwriters! At the end of the day we end up with a song but it’s the listener who will decide which song they hit the play button on.

Girl learning first chord on Guitar

For an instant, mind, body, spirit and guitar were one. My whole being resonated and I WAS that chord. It was my beginning.

Lee Demers' Modified PRS Guitar In Stand

I don’t keep it in the case unless I am taking it somewhere. It’s always in its’ guitar stand ready to be played. For every ounce of effort I put into the Guitar I receive a pound of nourishment for my soul.