My First Chord On The Guitar!

When I was a kid, about 4th grade, I picked up my father’s old Gibson and placed 1 finger on the first fret of the 2nd string, strummed the top 3 strings together and played my first chord. No one showed me what to do it was just curiosity. I took the initiative and owned the experience.

That one moment in time stands out as my first step. For an instant, mind, body, spirit and guitar were one. My whole being resonated and I WAS that chord. It was my beginning.

I put the guitar down and went on with my day. I didn’t know it then but the constant pull in the direction of music from that point on led back to the “feeling” of that first 3 note chord.

When I teach or answer a question about music I recall that feeling and how important it is to me I think to myself “this could evoke their curiosity, this could be their “beginning”. It’s a responsibility I take very seriously.

I have come to realize the experience is not limited to children. Someone at any time in their life can start a new interest in music or reboot an old one.

In the back of your mind do you think I’ve always wanted to learn more about music or how to play the Guitar.”??

Turn those thoughts into actions. It’s never too early, it’s never too late, It’s always the right time. Play that first chord!

It could be your beginning!


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