My Guitar Will Always Be My Friend

I hear stories all the time about Guitars ending up in the closet or under the bed. Simple reasons like, “I don’t have any talent”, I don’t have the time, my fingers get sore, it has a broken string or I don’t know how to tune it.

The out of sight out of mind principle becomes the deciding factor as a lonely 6-string sits quietly collecting dust.

If it were a piano you couldn’t put it in the closet. You would be reminded every time you walk past it what motivated you to make the effort in the first place. It might even make you reconsider and try again.

For decades my Guitar has never been in a closet. I don’t even keep it in the case unless I am taking it somewhere. It’s always in its’ guitar stand ready to be played. It has become my friend and we have been through thick and thin. It accommodates any mood or situation and has always been part of the solution.

Music is therapeutic. My Guitar never disagrees and always responds to the me no one else listens to. It reminds me of a hidden part of my psyche that needs attention. For every ounce of effort I put into music and the Guitar I received a pound of nourishment for my soul. The more I learned the more I wanted to learn and the better I felt.

Make the effort to be friends with your Guitar. It could be a lifelong relationship filled with endless discoveries and amazing rewards. Pick it up, dust it off, tune it up and reacquaint yourself. You won’t be sorry.


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