You Get Out Of Music What You Put Into It

You scroll through hundreds of Guitar instruction videos in an effort to improve your Guitar playing spending hours going from one example to another finding the same information being explained from different points of view.

Many claim to have The Secret and is accompanied by an easy system of some kind to accommodate the promise. Some are true and some are absolutely incorrect. There are no Police to validate the accuracy of Guitar instruction claims.

If you are new to learning about music or how to play the Guitar you have no way of knowing which system is right for you or if you are being misinformed by someone.

Learning is not one-dimensional. There are different kinds of students. Goals will vary from person to person. The only constant through all of this is the actual information.

Notes in a scale are the same for everyone. In any music, Country, Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Funk the notes in a G chord are identical. Learn the fundamentals, practice and get better at it whatever Genre you choose. You get out of it what you put into it just like anything else.

The initial awkwardness of getting your fingers in the right place on the Guitar fingerboard passes quickly and if you give yourself the chance and a little time, you will learn to enjoy the process of learning how to play the Guitar correctly. Once the process starts it will never end, you will continue to learn forever. How great is that?

You’re not going to pick up a Guitar the first time and become an instant “Guitar God”. Don’t base your progress on short cuts, secrets and bad habits. Learn it the right way and you only have to learn it once!


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