Musician? Songwriter? Both?

When you start to learn a musical instrument, music theory or songwriting, someone tells or shows you something and your journey begins. Most of us start this way, I did.

One person taught me a Chord. Another showed me how to play a Scale. Someone else gave me the Chord Progression of a Song. This fragmented learning process made playing the Guitar and Songwriting more difficult than it had to be.

I used these bits and pieces of information without an organized system to connect the musical elements I was learning. I looked at each thing, Chord-Scale-Chord Progression-etc., as separate entities.

It took me many years of research, practicing and asking questions before I figured out what tied all the pieces together.

*Start with MIDDLE C*


The function of my system is to combine those bits and pieces with what you need to complete a comprehensive foundation.

My videos establish Middle C as the starting point for ALL key signatures. They go through the process of clearing up any misunderstandings you may have about key signatures and put you on track to understand what you do know so you can move forward. The link to the video below explains my methods in greater detail and offers various options on how I can continue to be a part of your musical journey.