Musician? Songwriter? Both?

Most Of Us Start In The Middle, I Did!
I learned bits and pieces of information over time.

A Song, A Riff, A Chord, A Phrase
I Used Them At Random
Without A Central Point Of Reference
As Just A Bunch Of Unconnected Dots!
After Years Of Research I Connected The Dots
And Discovered KEY SIGNATURES Tied The Pieces Together



Some Knowledge
Some Questions

This Is What You Know
Each Of Us Has ”A Unique Starting Point”
How You Begin And What You Learn Is
Determined By Your Specific Experiences



My System
The Missing Pieces

Understanding Key Signatures
To Make Progress You Have To
“Identify What You Know”

My Free Video Focuses On the Principles
That Will Make You A Better
Musician Or Songwriter

By Filling In The Missing Pieces
You Will Have A Stronger Foundation



Middle C

Take A Couple Of Steps Back
Start With Middle C

As You Progress Through The Steps Of
Constructing A Key Signature You Will
“Identify What You Know”

You Will Find YOUR
“Unique Starting Point”


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